Purified - Prototype Pack

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Prototype asset pack of props, FX and environment assets to create a Prototype or Grey box for your project. This prototyping modular asset package will help you visualize your ideas more easily thanks to the building block and primitives. Communicate between your teams with notes and markers.

What you receive: Full Version

  • Textures. (.png, .sbs, .sbsar)
  • Models. (.fbx)
  • Purified - Prototype Pack - Unity Package (.unitypackage)
  • Substance Designer Files. (.sbs and .sbsar) (2021.1.1 or higher)
  • Substance Painter Files. Smart materials for PurifiedEffect (.spsm)
  • Blender source. (.blend)
  • Materials.
  • Shaders.
  • HDRI.
  • Prefabs.
  • Scenes.

Modular, use these assets for your prototypes !

This product is not currently for sale.

.blend - .unitypackage - .sbs - .sbsar - FBX - Textures

Original Unity Version
2019.4.18 or higher
Latest version
289 MB
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Purified - Prototype Pack

0 ratings